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5 steps to get rid of flies

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Flies are common insects that can become a real pest, causing discomfort and even health problems. These insects are attracted to decaying food and dirty environments, and can reproduce quickly.

However, with a few simple steps, you can get rid of these unwanted visitors and maintain a clean, fly-free environment. In this article, we will present five effective steps and the best products to eliminate flies in a practical and sustainable way.

Step 1: Maintain strict hygiene

The first step to getting rid of flies is to make sure your environment is always clean. Be sure to store rubbish in tightly closed containers and empty them regularly. Clean up food scraps and spills immediately to avoid a build-up of debris that could attract flies. Plus, it keeps kitchen surfaces clean and free of crumbs. Strict hygiene is essential to prevent flies from finding suitable food and breeding sites.

Step 2: Use screens and physical barriers

Another important measure is to block the access of flies to the interior of your home or establishment. Install screens on windows and doors to keep flies out. Make sure that the screens are in good condition, without tears or holes that could allow these insects to enter. Also, consider using air curtains or PVC curtains on entry doors to create an effective physical barrier against flies.

Step 3: Resort to traps for outdoor use

There are several options that can help repel and safely trap flies. For example, resort to traps with attractants that will attract flies and effectively capture them.

Step 4: Use insecticidal sprays or specific devices for indoors

There are insecticidal sprays to fight flies, which can be applied in areas where these insects usually land. Other options are electrical devices, known as insect hunters , which allow you to attract all kinds of flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes and moths.

These insects are attracted through ultraviolet light, and captured through the glue screens, which are inside the electrical device. There are several ranges of insect hunters with different areas of reach, robustness of material, lamps, glue screens and design.

Be sure to read and follow product instructions carefully, and opt for less toxic options whenever possible. Remember that safety is paramount, especially if there are children or pets in the home.

Step 5: Consider getting help from professionals

If all the measures mentioned above are not effective in getting rid of the flies, professional pest control help may be required. Specialized companies have the knowledge and experience to deal with serious fly infestations safely and efficiently. They can identify the causes of the problem, apply specific treatments and provide guidance to prevent future infestations.

Having a fly-free home or business is possible by following these five practical steps. Maintaining strict hygiene, using screens and physical barriers, resorting to traps for outdoor use, using insecticide sprays or specific devices for indoors and, if necessary, enlisting the help of professionals, are effective measures to eliminate flies and prevent future ones. fly infestations. Remember that prevention is key, so make these tips part of your regular habits to keep your environment clean and free of unwanted flies.