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Definitive Guide to Eliminating Cockroaches

Guia Definitivo para Eliminar Baratas

Infallible tips to get rid of cockroaches

Cockroaches are unwanted insects that can cause discomfort and even health problems. Known for their ability to adapt to different environments and reproduce quickly. However, there are several effective ways to get rid of cockroaches and keep your home free of these pesky pests. In this ultimate guide to getting rid of cockroaches, we're going to share with you tried and true methods to get rid of cockroaches once and for all.

Step 1: Identification of Cockroaches

Before starting any cockroach control and extermination plan, it is essential to correctly identify the type of cockroach we are dealing with. There are several types of cockroaches , such as the German, American and Oriental cockroaches. Each of them has its distinct characteristics and preferred habits. Knowing the species is important to choose the best elimination strategies.

Step 2: Infestation Prevention

Prevention is the first line of defense against cockroaches. There are practical measures that we must take every day in our homes and other places to avoid infestations. This includes keeping the house clean and tidy, sealing cracks and crevices, repairing water leaks, storing food properly, and disposing of garbage regularly. In addition, it is also very important to prevent the accumulation of moisture, hence the need to protect windows and doors.

3rd step: Permanently eliminate cockroaches with the most suitable products

Do Home Remedies work?!

Some people prefer more natural and economical solutions to eliminate cockroaches, such as the use of substances such as boric acid, coffee grounds, cucumber, peppermint oil, neem oil and homemade traps. However, due to the unique characteristics of cockroaches and also known as the most resistant creature in the world, it is very difficult to eliminate cockroaches only from homemade products.

What are the most effective products to eliminate cockroaches?

Loja do Inseto, with more than 20 years of experience in the pest control market thanks to the Truly Nolen Portugal group - leader in disinfestation services, recommends 5 options to eliminate cockroaches on your own .

There are different types of insecticides available on the market, such as gels, traps and sprays. When applying the products, take into account all the necessary safety precautions when using these products and choose the most appropriate use for each situation.

➡️ The products indicated to eliminate cockroaches indoors

For the interior of our home, we have a range of products based on insecticide gel: such as the insecticide gel syringe and the insecticide gel trap. In addition, our Draker insecticide in liquid form will also help to spray places where we may have already seen the pest in these places, such as baseboards, sewers and vents. Choosing the best product will depend on the location and level of cockroach infestation:

  • Ecogel insecticide syringe - Apply in places of difficult access with small drops;
  • Ecogel insecticide trap - Ready to apply just by squeezing the capsule. Suitable for placing in less sheltered places;
  • Draker Insecticide Spray - Ready to apply with immediate and lasting effect, which is conferred by the fact that part of the insecticide substances that compose it are micro-encapsulated, prolonging their release over time.

➡️ The products indicated to eliminate cockroaches in outdoor areas

To eliminate cockroaches in outdoor areas, we always recommend Draker insecticide.

  • For places with little area we recommend the spray format
  • For places with a large area we recommend the concentrated formula with application via a sprayer . This option is the best as we dilute it according to the cockroach species. For the plague of cockroaches , we advise between 20-30 ml per liter of solution.

➡️ The products indicated to eliminate cockroaches with pets nearby

Depending on the species of cockroach, we recommend two different methods:

  • For American cockroach infestations, the best option will be to spray the sewers and all drains in the house.
  • For German cockroach infestations, our anti-cockroach kit with insecticide gel will solve the problem when applied in strategic places.

It should be noted that all recommended products are for domestic use, so the compositions are not as strong as those for professional use.

4th step: Professional Interventions

In case of persistent or large cockroach infestations, it may be necessary to call in professionals to deal with the problem. Hiring a pest control and disinfestation company may be the best option for more serious infestations, especially in larger areas and also in workplaces that may endanger the public health of employees. The professional disinfestation technician will carry out a free inspection in order to ascertain the seriousness of the situation and propose an action plan to be developed to eliminate cockroaches, according to the specific needs of the site.

5th step: Continuous Maintenance and Prevention Measures

Eliminating cockroaches is not enough. It is equally important to take steps to prevent them from re-infesting your home. For continuous maintenance and prevention of future infestations, it is essential to maintain hygiene, regular cleaning, inspection of possible entry points, placing insecticide at strategic points and the need to continuously monitor the presence of cockroaches.

It is essential to get rid of cockroaches once and for all

Without a doubt, eliminating cockroaches can be a challenge, but with the right strategies and a comprehensive approach, success can be achieved. This definitive guide aims to provide a wealth of information and practical tips to help eliminate cockroaches once and for all. Remember that prevention is key and ongoing maintenance is key to preventing future infestations. By applying these tips, your home can become an environment free of these unwanted pests.