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Woodworm infestation? find out what to do

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When we talk about wood bugs, we are not referring to a specific insect, but to a group of insects such as woodworms and termites. This pest is often discovered too late, as these little bugs go unnoticed in the larval stage and, when they finally become adults, the damage has already been done.

As a rule, woodworms are yellowish white in color and have strong jaws that allow them to build tunnels and feed on starch and other wood components. The best way to identify a woodworm pest is through the tiny holes they leave in furniture and antiques. In these holes, the females lay eggs whose incubation lasts between 1 and 5 weeks.


Why does the woodworm appear?

There is no single cause for the appearance of the woodworm, but these insects tend to prefer humid environments. If you have old furniture in a damp space in the house, then it is likely that the woodworm will pay you a visit. In addition to recurring cleaning, the ideal is to keep the windows open whenever possible to reduce the humidity in the space and let in natural light.


What are the signs of woodworm infestation?

Bearing in mind that the woodworm causes damage while still in its larval stage, it is very difficult to identify this pest in time. Still, there are some signs that appear early on.

  • A fine dust appears next to the furniture, released by drilling the wood
  • There are small holes in the wood that are very small in the beginning, but they get bigger
  • The holes get darker as the pest evolves

In a more advanced stage of woodworm infestation, furniture produces a specific sound when you hit it, reflecting the existence of a hollow space inside.

What are the most common woodworm species in Portugal?

  • Small woodworm
  • Great Woodworm
  • Woodworm Exotic Madeira
  • woodworm
  • Furniture Weevil
  • Bamboo weevil
  • Weevil Weevils
  • blue weevil
  • Tree Borer


How to kill woodworm?

The woodworm is one of the most difficult pests to control and, unfortunately, there is no product on sale that is effective enough to eliminate this infestation.

Resorting to natural insecticides is one of the options that can be used to combat the woodworm. Products such as boric acid or supermarket insecticides can trap woodworms, making wood less attractive to this insect. However, these products damage furniture and are not proven to be effective in controlling the woodworm pest.

There are even easier natural insecticides, like bay leaves or vinegar, but again, these alternatives slow down the problem, not solve it.

Our advice is simple: avoid the appearance of this pest as much as possible. As?

  • Store all food in glass or plastic containers.
  • Clean kitchen furniture (indoor and outdoor) with a vinegar and detergent solution.
  • Always dry furniture with a cloth after cleaning.
  • Whenever possible, clean the furniture with a dry cloth (in the case of rooms, where there is no grease accumulated on the surfaces).

These tips can minimize damage, or prevent the appearance of the woodworm. However, at the first signs of this pest, our recommendation is simple: talk to a disinfestation company like Truly Nolen . The woodworm does not go away with home remedies or normal insecticides. The only way to control this pest is with professional help.