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Kit Spray 12L + 2 Draker Insecticides

Kit Spray 12L + 2 Draker Insecticides

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Kit includes 12 liters sprayer and 2 Draker insecticides 50ml concentrate.

Indicated for: Large agricultural and garden areas (average size greater than 700 m²), in the prevention and extermination of insects in gardens.

  • VITO sprayer with a capacity of 12 liters
  • 2 Functions: jet and spray
  • Max range: 2.5m
  • Position Brake | Safety valve
  • 1.2 m hose and 1 m boom

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How to apply Kit Spray 12L + 2 Draker Insecticides ⁉️

Where to Apply?

✔️ Suitable for: Large agricultural and garden surfaces, in the prevention and extermination of insects in gardens.

✔️ Sprayer in gardens with an average size of more than 700 m².

✔️ For different types of spraying.

How to apply?

1️⃣ Connect the hose to the bottom of the reservoir

2️⃣ Open the cap and fill the reservoir, always observing the maximum level indicated (8L), never exceeding this limit.

3️⃣ Replace the cap, making sure that it is properly tightened.

4️⃣ To spray, move the lance and handle. Tips: Store the sprayer sheltered from direct sunlight, and protected from frost.


✅ Economical, safe and efficient tool

✅ Use to prevent and cure diseases in agricultural crops and gardens

✅ Various types of spraying

Technical description

Brand: VITO VIPU12K 12L

Product type: Backpack pressurized sprayer

Jet Type: Flat, mist diffuser and straight

Maximum reach: 2,5 m

Capacity: 12L

Fibreglass lance: 0,6 m

Hose: 1.2 m

Pressure: 2,9

Dimension: 320 x 550 x 135 mm

Box dimensions: 430 x 165 x 585 mm

Weight with box: 3,6 kg

Weight with product: 2,9 kg

Flat/spray, fan and adjustable jet: Yes

Number of nozzles: 3

Adjustable back straps: Yes

Material: Plastic

Transportable: Yes

Guarantee: 3 years and repairable product

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