Differences between Bed Bug VS. Asian

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Bedbugs are small insects, but they can cause big headaches when they invade our homes. Two of the most common species are the Asian stink bug ( Halyomorpha halys ) and the bed bug ( Cimex lectularius ). Although both are often confused due to their superficial similarities, they have some crucial differences. In this article, we'll explore these differences to help you identify and deal with these pests effectively.

Bed Bug


One of the main distinctions between the Asian stink bug and the bed bug is their habitat. Bed bugs are mainly found in areas where people sleep or rest, such as beds, sofas and armchairs.


The bed bug feeds exclusively on human and animal blood, biting its victims at night. Bed bugs are attracted to human body heat and carbon dioxide, which leads them to bite people while they sleep.

Size and color

They are between 4 and 7 mm long and dark reddish in color, depending on their nutritional status.

✅ Behavior

They cannot fly due to their vestigial (non-functional) wings.

Asian bed bug


The Asian stink bug is native to Asia, as the name suggests, and has a preference for feeding on plants, making it a worrying pest for agriculture. They prefer to live outdoors, usually in trees, bushes and plants. They are a problem for vegetable and fruit production as they feed on parts of plants. During the winter, they can enter buildings to take shelter.

✅ Food:

They are predatory insects that feed on insects and mites, without biting humans. The Asian stink bug feeds on plants, particularly fruit trees, agricultural crops and vegetation. This means that, unlike bed bugs, they do not feed on human or animal blood.

✅ Size and color:

The Asian bed bug is larger than the bed bug, about 12-17 mm long. They have distinct white spots on the sides of the body.

✅ Behavior:

They have functional wings at a certain stage of development and are able to fly. Asian bed bugs tend to be more active during the day, unlike bed bugs. The Asian stink bug is not known to bite humans, but it is an agricultural pest that can cause significant damage to crops and agriculture in general.

In summary, although the Asian stink bug and bed bug may appear similar at first glance, they have distinct habitats, diets, behaviors, and health impacts. Correctly identifying these differences is essential to implementing effective bed bug control and prevention strategies . If you suspect a bed bug infestation at home, contact us so we can help!