Pine caterpillar | What to do in case of infestation

We recommend this kit to eliminate this pest.

If you spot a line of pine caterpillars near you, stay away from them and let those around you know.


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Armadilha para Traça da Processionária do PinheiroEvitar Biologicamente Lagarta do pinheiro
Pine Processionary Moth Trap
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Banda Adesiva contra a Lagarta do PinheiroAdhesive Band against Pine Caterpillar and Ants
Recarga armadilha Lagarta do Pinheiro Reutilizar Armadilha Lagarta do Pinheiro
Pine caterpillar trap refill
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lagarta do pinheiro na rua
Signs of Infestation of Pine Caterpillar

How to identify Pine Caterpillar ?

Caterpillar origin:

Also known as the pine processionary, it is an insect that comes from pine trees in Portugal and the name given comes from its descent from the pine trees, in a row, looking for a place to burrow and move on to the next stages of development.

Danger to humans and dogs:

During the procession and development phase is when they represent adanger to humanss (children and adults) and also foranimalpets, especially dogs, due to thepresence of stinging hairswhich can cause serious allergic reactions.

Caterpillar allergic signs in humans:

✔️ Skin irritations (usually burning, itching and red spots on the skin)

✔️ Red, swollen and itchy eyes

✔️ Difficulty breathing

Caterpillar allergic signs in dogs:

⚠️ In these cases, you should immediately consult a veterinarian as in some cases it can be fatal:

✔️ Swelling and pimples on the muzzle and face; Excessive salivation; Difficulty swallowing; Vomiting; Apathy; Loss of appetite; Difficulty chewing; Eye changes.

Caterpillar season:

The Pine Caterpillar appears from December to June.

Anti- Pine Caterpillar

How to eliminate Pine Caterpillar ?

1 Regular maintenance:

Inspect pine trees regularly for signs of infestation. If you notice the existence of caterpillars in any of the pine trees, you should place the traps in the infested pine tree.

2 Physical barriers in Pinheiros

To place traps will allow you to capture the entire colony of pine processionary caterpillars. When applied around the perimeter of the pine tree, it blocks the entire descent path of the caterpillars, forcing them to enter the capture bag, from where they cannot escape. It prevents the caterpillars from reaching the ground to finish the cycle, thus limiting the reproduction of butterflies. To obtain a more effective treatment, you should place the trap in the winter months to collect the caterpillars during the spring.

3 Nest removal

Sanitary pruning to remove nests and infested areas to reduce the population. It is advisable to carry out the treatment with Pest Control technicians.

4 Chemical and biological treatments

Using specific insecticides or biological agents to control the pest can also be a good option when the location already has a large infestation.

Tips to Prevent and Control Pine Caterpillar

How to prevent Pine Caterpillar ?

✔️ Prevent animals from accessing pine forests, gardens or forests, where there are pine or cedar trees

✔️ If you see caterpillars, do not let children or animals touch or approach them