Prevent and Eliminate Mosquitoes at Home and Outdoors

We recommend these products to prevent or eliminate mosquitoes.

In addition to being annoying and stubborn, the bites of these insects can cause an allergic reaction.


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máquina elétrica anti-mosquitosmáquina elétrica para eliminar mosquitos
máquina anti-mosquitos com energia solaraparelho para eliminar mosquitos no jardim
Máquina anti mosquitos com atrativo Maquina anti mosquitos
máquina elétrica para eliminar mosquitos no interioraparelho anti-mosquitos para dentro de casa
Máquina anti mosquitos Máquina mosquitos led
inseto caçador mini contra insetos voadoresInseto caçador para eliminar insetos voadores em casa
Máquina anti mosquitos portátil Máquina anti mosquitos com lanterna
inseto caçador branco anti-insetosinseto caçador no quadro
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inseto caçador itrap30 LEDinseto caçador próprio para cozinhas
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inseto caçador x-trap 50 LED inseto caçador recomendado para hotelaria e restauração
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kit completo para eliminar mosquitos no exteriormáquina elétrica anti-mosquitos no jardim
inseticida FlyMatic e doseador branco contra moscasinseticida FlyMatic e doseador preto contra moscas
rede anti-mosquitos para a janelarede mosquiteira branca
Rede mosquiteira porta Rede mosquiteira com iman
Larvicide for Mosquitoeslarvicida anti-mosquitos
Larvicide for Mosquitoes
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Repelente Citronela 40 horas de proteção10 Espirais de citronela anti-mosquitos
Anti-Mosquito Citronella
Sale price€4,99 Regular price€10,50
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repelente anti-mosquitosrepelente sayonara contra mosquitos
Anti-mosquito repellent - Apply to the skin
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Draker insecticide for different pestsinseticida draker contra insetos
inseticida draker 10.2inseticida draker 50ml anti-insetos
Inseticida FLYMATIC contra moscas e mosquitosDescrição técnica FLYMATIC contra moscas
difusor automático branco da SucitesaDifusor automático preto da sucitesa
Kit Completo de Prevenção contra Insetosescova branca contra insetos
pack 3 recargas anti-mosquitos no interiorPack 3 Refills for Anti-Mosquito Machine
homem a matar os mosquitos
Signs of Infestation of Mosquitoes

How to identify Mosquitoes ?

Breeding sites:

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, so it's important to look for and eliminate possible breeding sites in the home and garden. This includes containers such as buckets, plant pots, clogged gutters, old tyres and any other area where water can accumulate.

Anti- Mosquitoes

How to eliminate Mosquitoes ?

1 Eliminates mosquito larvae

Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so it is important to eliminate any container or area in your environment that can accumulate water, such as buckets, plant pots, old tires and water buckets. Regularly empty and clean water containers, such as pet water fountains and flower pots.

2 Outdoor mosquito traps

They exist traps to capture and kill mosquitoes in outdoor areas. They usually use UV light or attractants to attract insects and trap them.

3 Sprays or devices for indoors

To capture mosquitoes indoors, you can use: 1) insect hunters owns; two) electrical appliances; and 3) anti-mosquito insecticide spray.

4 Apply repellents

Apply mosquito repellents on your exposed skin, following the manufacturer's instructions. You can also use electric or spray repellents to keep mosquitoes away.

5 Install protective screens

Put mosquito nets on windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home. Check that the screens are in good condition and free of holes.

6 Clean the house regularly

Keep the house clean and free from possible mosquito hiding places, such as accumulated trash, empty boxes and unused containers.

Tips to Prevent and Control Mosquitoes

How to prevent Mosquitoes ?

Mosquitos bites:

While dealing with an infestation of this type, we recommend that you apply mosquito repellent. This type of product is not intended to alleviate the symptoms of bites, but rather to prevent them. This way, you guarantee less discomfort and a lower chance of disease transmission. Contact us if you have any questions.