Collection: Pine Tree Larva | What to do in case of infestation

If you spot a row of pine caterpillars near you, don't approach them and let those around you know. Discover this product that we recommend to eliminate this pest!
  • Signs of the caterpillar in children or adults:

    ✔️ Skin irritations (usually burning, itching and reddish patches on the skin)

    ✔️ Reddened, swollen and itchy eyes

    ✔️ Difficulty breathing

  • Clinical signs in pets:

    ⚠️ In these cases you should go to the vet immediately! ⚠️

    ✔️ Swelling and pimples on the muzzle and face

    ✔️ Excessive Salivation

    ✔️ Difficulty swallowing

    ✔️ Vomiting

    ✔️ Apathy

    ✔️ Loss of appetite

    ✔️ Difficulty chewing

    ✔️ Eye changes

  • How can you prevent?

    At the time of caterpillar development, between December and February, you should:

    ✔️ Prevent animals from accessing pine forests, gardens or woods where there are pine trees or cedars

    ✔️ If you see caterpillars, do not let children or animals touch or approach

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infestação lagarta do pinheiro no jardim

What are the characteristics of the Processionary Caterpillar?

It is an insect that defoliates pines and cedars in Portugal and the name given comes from its descent from the pines, in a row, in search of a place to bury itself and pass on to the next stages of development.

In the development phase, they represent a danger to children , adults and animals , due to the presence of stinging hairs that spread through the air.