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More than products, we teach you how to apply them!

  • ✅ +20 years of experience in pest control

    We choose the best products for each insect and pest, based on the experience of our parent company 👉 Truly Nolen Portugal

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    ✅ We choose the most effective products for domestic use

    Our pest control specialists have selected the best products for each pest and area of ​​the house.

  • ✅ We teach you how to apply our products

    The secret of pest control is in the way you apply it. For each product you will find instructions on how to apply it.


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Do pest control yourself!

1️⃣ Choose the insect or pest you have at home

2️⃣ Select the products according to your needs

3️⃣ We deliver the products the next working day

4️⃣ Through our website, you can apply the product yourself , without being a pest control specialist!

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