Eliminate Rats in your home and outdoor areas

Our experts have chosen the most effective traps to get rid of rats in your home once and for all.

Treatment of domestic mice is different from rats due to the unique characteristics of each mouse.


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rato doméstico a entrar dentro de casa
Signs of Infestation of Rats

How to identify Rats ?

Signs of a Rat nearby:

✔️Gnaws:Look for brands on baseboards, furniture, electrical cables, boxes and packaging (especially cereal).

✔️Grease stains and footprints:Check walls and other surfaces

✔️Excrement and odors:inside and under cabinets and in corners of the house

✔️Strange noises:mainly during the night.

Characteristics of the House Mouse:

✔️ Small animals (6-8cm), generally grayish

✔️ Pointed, small and black nose

✔️ Big ears

✔️ Eyes bulging

✔️ Practically hairless mouse

✔️ Small and generally cylindrical excrement

Mouse Behavior:

✔️ Natural habitat is inside and/or close to houses, commercial establishments and rural areas

✔️ Lives easily around men

✔️ They have a day and night habit


Preferably, the foods they like most are: Grains and Seeds.

Anti- Rats

How to eliminate Rats ?

1 Identification

Start by confirming that it is indeed a rat problem and not another pest. Look for signs of their presence, such as small excrement, grease stains on the walls, chewed wires or food or scratching noises on the walls. Then, discard any food with signs of gnawing as rat saliva contains bacteria that are harmful to humans.

2 Traps

Use mousetraps to capture and eliminate rodents. There are different types of traps such as: snap traps,sticky traps, It is baited mousetraps. Place the traps in areas with signs of rat activity, such as near holes or along walls.

3 Rat poison

Poisonous baits may be an option, but should be used with caution if there are pets or children in the home. If you decide to use poison, carefully follow the product instructions and place it in places inaccessible to other animals and people. To avoid contact with the poison and protection, we recommend the use of bait stations.

4 Cover holes and cracks

Inspect the area for possible rat entry points, such as cracks in walls, gaps in pipes, openings in doors and windows, and make sure to seal them properly.

5 Cleaning

Maintain good hygiene in your home, as rats are attracted to food and leftover food. Store food in airtight containers, clean up spills immediately, sweep and vacuum regularly, and avoid clutter.

6 Natural Repellents

Some natural substances, such as peppermint, camphor or mothballs, can help keep mice away. Place these substances in areas prone to rat activity.

7 Continuos process

Remember that prevention is essential for prevent future house mouse infestations. Keep the house clean, seal possible entry points and store food properly to avoid attracting these rodents.

Tips to Prevent and Control Rats

How to prevent Rats ?

Inside the house:

✔️ Avoid having tree branches and pipes within easy access

✔️ Pay attention to holes near houses, buildings and roofs

✔️ Avoid having door height spacing, open doors and air duct network