Mouse Traps for Mice and Rats

All kinds of mousetraps for mice and rats, as well as bait stations. Our range ranges from mechanical mousetraps for mice and rats, baiting stations for indoors and gardens, and glue screens for catching mice.


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Pack Mechanical Mousetraps against Rats + 2 baitsPack Mechanical Mousetraps against Rats + 2 baits
estações com isco contra ratos isco atrativo em bloco anti-ratos
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estações de alta segurança e isco contra ratazanasisco atrativo em bloco para as ratazanas
estações com isco em formato pedraestação rateira em formato pedra para o jardim
Pack Metal Multiple Capture Trap + 5 Glue ScreensPack Metal Multiple Capture Trap + 5 Glue Screens
2 ratoeiras múltiplas para capturar os ratosratoeira múltipla para eliminar ratos
estação alta segurança contra ratosestação alta segurança contra ratazanas
Estação de isco para ratos e ratazanasCaixa preta roedores
Bait Station for House Rats
Sale price€4,90
estação de isco com formato pedracaixa roedor para jardins
armadilha captura ratos sem ver e tocararmadilha captura ratos segura
armadilha de metal contra ratos e ratazanasarmadilha de metal de captura multipla contra ratos
Multi-Catch Rat Trap | Metal
Sale price€19,95
armadilha de captura múltipla de ratosarmadilha anti-ratos com cola adesiva
kit ratoeiras mecânicas e isco chocolate contra ratosratoeira mecânica contra ratos
Pack 10 armadilhas de cola para ratinhosarmadilha de cola para ratinhos
pack 6 ratoeiras ratazanasdiferenças ratoeiras do ratinho e ratazana
Pack 6 mousetraps for rats
Sale price€29,90
ratoeiras pretas minis para ratinhos ratoeira para ratinhos
Traditional mousetrap for ratsTraditional mousetrap for rats
armadilha mecânica preta ratinhosarmadilha mecânica para ratinhos
Mechanical Mouse Trap
Sale price€2,99
isco atrativo em bloco para ratoeirasisco atrativo em bloco 300g
isco atrativo em pasta NOVARisco atrativo em pasta para ratoeiras
isco atrativo para ratoeirasisco atrativo para ratoeiras com aplicador
ratoeiras para ratos

What are the best mousetraps for mice and rats?

1 Mouse bait stations

Mouse trap stations with bait are the safest as there is no contact with the mouse or the baitpoisonous rodenticide. They existnormal bait stations,high security mouse stationsIt isstone shaped mouse trap stationsto place in the garden. They work for indoor or outdoor areas.

2 Spring mechanical mousetrap

This is the classic type of mousetrap, consisting of a wooden or plastic base, a metal spring and a metal bar with a sensitive trigger. When the mouse touches the trigger, the spring is released, quickly closing the metal bar over the mouse.

3 Adhesive Mousetrap

This type of mouse trap is coated with an adhesive glue substance in which the mouse becomes trapped when it comes into contact with the mouse trap.

4 Electronic mousetrap for rats

These mousetraps use electricity to kill mice quickly and humanely. When the mouse enters the mousetrap, a circuit is closed, sending an electrical discharge that kills the rodent instantly.

5 Care to take when placing mousetraps

When using mousetraps, it is important to take safety precautions, such as handling them carefully to avoid injury and placing them out of the reach of children and pets. Additionally, it is essential to follow local pest management laws and regulations and ensure you are acting ethically and responsibly when dealing with mice and rats.

How to get rid of rat infestations with mousetraps

Dealing with a rat infestation using mouse traps can be effective. First, choose the appropriate type of mousetrap, such as spring-loaded, electronic or glue traps. Position mouse traps strategically in areas where there is evidence of activity, using attractive baits. Place mousetraps perpendicular to the walls and check them regularly, carefully removing trapped rats. If there is no success, reposition the mousetraps or increase the number. Dispose of rats safely by wearing gloves and taking ongoing prevention measures. If the infestation persists or is extensive, consider seeking assistance from pest control professionals.

How to choose mouse traps

Are you still unsure about how to choose the best trap? See our guide.