Collection: Mouse Traps for Mice and Rats

All kinds of mousetraps for mice and rats, as well as bait stations. Our range ranges from mechanical mousetraps for mice and rats, baiting stations for indoors and gardens, and glue screens for catching mice.

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    Baited mousetrap stations are the safest as there is no contact with the mouse or the poisonous rodenticide bait . There are standard bait stations, high security mouse stations and stone mouse trap stations for the garden. They work for indoor or outdoor areas.

  • Spring mechanical mousetrap

    This is the classic type of mousetrap, consisting of a wooden or plastic base, a metal spring and a metal bar with a sensitive trigger. When the mouse touches the trigger, the spring is released, quickly closing the metal bar over the mouse.

  • Adhesive Mousetrap

    This type of mousetrap is coated with an adhesive glue substance that the mouse is trapped in when it comes into contact with the mousetrap.

  • Electronic Mousetrap

    These mousetraps use electricity to kill mice quickly and humanely. When the rat enters the trap, a circuit is closed, sending out an electrical discharge that kills the rodent instantly.

  • care to be taken

    When using mousetraps, it is important to take safety precautions, such as handling with care to avoid injury and placing them out of the reach of children and pets. In addition, it is critical to follow local laws and regulations on pest management and ensure that you are acting ethically and responsibly when dealing with mice and rats.

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