Eliminate Flies in the Home and Garden

These are the best products to eliminate fly pests at home, in the garden or at work.

Do your own fly disinfestation, both indoors and outdoors.


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kit completo para eliminar moscas dentro de casakit anti moscas dentro de casa
Kit to eliminate flies indoors
Sale price€145,99
KIt completo para eliminar moscas no jardimpulverizador vito 8 litros
inseticida FlyMatic e doseador branco contra moscasinseticida FlyMatic e doseador preto contra moscas
armadilhas FlyBag contra moscas armadilha elimina moscas no exterior
inseto caçador mini contra insetos voadoresInseto caçador para eliminar insetos voadores em casa
inseto caçador branco anti-insetosinseto caçador no quadro
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inseto caçador itrap30 LEDinseto caçador próprio para cozinhas
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inseto caçador x-trap 50 LED inseto caçador recomendado para hotelaria e restauração
armadilha moscas uso exterior armadilha anti-moscas para exterior
Fly trap - Outdoor use
Sale price€12,99
rede anti-mosquitos para a janelarede mosquiteira branca
Rede mosquiteira porta Rede mosquiteira com iman
Inseticida FLYMATIC contra moscas e mosquitosDescrição técnica FLYMATIC contra moscas
difusor automático branco da SucitesaDifusor automático preto da sucitesa
Draker insecticide for different pestsinseticida draker contra insetos
inseticida draker 10.2inseticida draker 50ml anti-insetos
armadilha completa para moscas da frutaarmadilha elimina mosca da fruta
congelamento de insetoscontrolo físico sem inseticidas
Kit Completo de Prevenção contra Insetosescova branca contra insetos
armadilha fita anti-moscas para exterioresarmadilhas em fita anti-moscas
Moscas na comida
Signs of Infestation of flies

How to identify flies ?


Flies are attracted to food scraps, organic waste and garbage in general.

In outdoor areas:

The common fly has an average life expectancy of one month, but in that month it can lay around 500 eggs. When we're talking about outdoors, it's more complicated to prevent a plague of flies, but there are some measures to take.

Anti- flies

How to eliminate flies ?

1 Insecticides:

Use specific insecticides for flies. These products are usually available in spray form and can be applied directly to the flies. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and use products carefully in areas where there is food.

2 Outdoor traps:

Buy fly traps and place them outside your house. Flies will be attracted to the smell of the non-toxic attractant.

3 Elimination of sources of attraction:

Identify and eliminate sources of attraction for flies. Clean up food debris immediately, make sure trash cans are securely closed, and remove any decaying material, such as rotten fruit.

4 Natural repellents:

Some natural repellents can help keep flies away. Use essential oils, such as eucalyptus, citronella or peppermint, diluted in water and sprayed on areas where flies congregate.

5 Ventilation and window screens:

Keep windows and doors closed or protected with screens to prevent flies from entering the home. Whenever possible, use fans or air conditioning to keep things cool and keep flies away.

6 Preventive methods:

Maintain good hygiene at home. Clean regularly and avoid leaving food exposed. Also, be sure to seal off any potential fly entry, such as cracks in windows or doors.

Tips to Prevent and Control flies

How to prevent flies ?

Inside home:

✔️ Avoid leaving food exposed, especially foods that release odors and liquid solutions;

✔️ Keeps drains always clean;

✔️ Cleans, disinfects and dries kitchen surfaces;

✔️ Place leftover food in the closed trash;

✔️ If you have pets, clean and disinfect the place and containers where they eat.

In the garden:

✔️ Keeps the garden clean of trash and animal waste;

✔️ Cut the grass and bushes frequently;

✔️ Creates distance between organic waste and the house;

✔️ Avoid stagnant water such as buckets or gutters that can accumulate rainwater. Find outall about flies in this blog article.