Collection: Vole | What to do in case of infestation

If you find any dead mice, equip yourself with gloves and a mask before touching them. Our experts have chosen the most effective traps and products for domestic use to get rid of rodents in your home once and for all.
  • Rat signs nearby:

    ✔️ Gnawing: Look for marks on baseboards, furniture, electrical cables, boxes and packaging (especially cereals).

    ✔️ Grease stains and footprints: Check walls and other surfaces

    ✔️ Excrements and odors: in and under cupboards and in corners of the house

    ✔️ Weird noises: mainly during the night.

  • Characteristics of the Rat

    ✔️ Large animals (20-25cm). An ault weighs about 450g

    ✔️ Skin is usually gray, but black individuals are found in some localities

    ✔️ Small ears

    ✔️ Round nose

    ✔️ Semi-hairy tail

    ✔️ Cylindrical droppings, usually in corners and along walls

  • Behavior

    ✔️ They live in burrows and are usually found in low elevation areas

    ✔️ Can be found nearby in any human-inhabited areas

    ✔️ Very distrustful and aggressive

    ✔️ They are nocturnal, starting activities in the late afternoon

  • Foods

    Preferably, the foods that you like the most are:

    ✔️ Meat and fish

    ✔️ Cereals

    ✔️ Fruits

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ratazana na prateleira da cozinha

Tips to avoid a vole at home:

✔️ Close toilet lid

✔️ Avoid having easily accessible tree branches and pipes

✔️ Be aware of holes next to houses, buildings and roofs

✔️ Avoid having door height spacing, open doors and air duct network

After carrying out all these tips, the next step is to treat the infestation using the most suitable products given the characteristics of this pest - Ratazana.

What to do in case of rat infestation? 💡

Discard any food with signs of gnawing. In case of
When in doubt, discard all packaging that may have been in contact with rodents — rat saliva contains bacteria that are harmful to humans.

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