Big Rat | What to do in case of infestation

Our experts have chosen the most effective traps to get rid of rodents in your home once and for all.

Treatment of rats is different from domestic mice due to the unique characteristics of each mouse.


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Signs of Infestation of Big Rat

How to identify Big Rat ?

Inside the house:

✔️ Gnawing:Look for brands on baseboards, furniture, electrical cables, boxes and packaging (especially cereal).

✔️ Grease stains and footprintsa: Check walls and other surfaces

✔️ Excrement and odors:inside and under cabinets and in corners of the house

✔️ Strange noises:mainly during the night. H3 Characteristics of the Rat

✔️ Large animals (20-25cm). A tall one weighs around 450gRat Characteristics:

✔️ Large animals (20-25cm). A tall one weighs around 450g

✔️ The skin is usually gray, but black individuals are found in some locations

✔️ Small ears

✔️ Rounded nose

✔️ Semi-hairy tail

✔️ Cylindrical droppings, typically in corners and along walls


✔️ They live in burrows and are usually found in low elevation areas

✔️ Can be found nearby in any areas inhabited by humans

✔️ Very suspicious and aggressive

✔️ They are nocturnal, starting their activities in the late afternoon


Preferably, the foods you like most are:

✔️ Meat and fish

✔️ Cereals

✔️ Fruits

Anti- Big Rat

How to eliminate Big Rat ?

How to quickly eliminate rats in your yard and home:

1 Identification and Monitoring

The first step to eliminating rats is identifying their presence. Look for signs such as feces, trails, damage inside the home such as baseboards, and damage to plants. To place rat traps in strategic areas and monitors regularly. This will help determine the extent of the infestation and choose the most effective method for rat control.

2 Keep your home and garden clean

Rats are attracted to food scraps and trash. Keeping the yard and garden clean is essential to keep them away. Make sure to store food in sealed containers, dispose of waste regularly and keep the area free of debris. By depriving rats of food sources, you will significantly reduce their presence.

3 Traps and Baits

Traps and baits Rodenticides are traditional, but still effective, methods for eliminating rats. Capture traps, or also known as bait stations, should be placed in strategic locations inside the house and in the yard. Afterwards, you must place the poisonous baits inside the mousetraps, so that the rats are attracted to the traps, and then end up dying.

4 Consult a Professional

If the infestation persists, it is advisable to seek help from a pest control professional, such as Truly Nolen.

Tips to Prevent and Control Big Rat

How to prevent Big Rat ?

Inside the house:

✔️ Close the toilet lid

✔️ Avoid having tree branches and pipes within easy access

✔️ Pay attention to holes near houses, buildings and roofs

✔️ Avoid having door height spacing, open doors and air duct network

After carrying out all these tips, the next step is to treat the infestation using the most suitable products given the characteristics of this pest - Big Rat.