Eliminate Ants in your home and garden

These are the 5 best products to eliminate ants.

As it is such a recurrent pest, the most viable and economical way to ensure efficient control of this pest is by applying products with proven effectiveness.


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Signs of Infestation of Ants

How to identify Ants ?

Pay attention to access points:

Ants usually enter homes through small cracks in walls, poorly sealed windows and openings around pipes. In the garden, ants can build nests in loose soil, under stones, logs or in areas covered with fallen leaves.

Follow trails to the food source:

Follow the trail until you find the food source. This can help determine what kind of food the ants are looking for and where they are indoors or outdoors.

Anti- Ants

How to eliminate Ants ?

1 Do home remedies work!? The answer is no.

Tips such as putting salt on ants, baking soda or lemon may work in the short term, but they cause irreversible damage to crops and food. And the worst part is that sooner or later, the ants will be back.

2 What are the most effective products?

Our team, with more than 20 years of experience in the disinfestation area, chose the most effective products what's on the market!

3 Ant traps:

Ant traps are an easy and safe solution for getting rid of ants in indoor areas. They contain a substance that attracts ants and takes them back to the nest, eliminating the entire colony. Always follow the instructions on the packaging and place them in areas where you usually see ants.

4 Ant sprays:

Ant sprays are a common option for killing ants in outdoor areas, such as on porches, backyards or gardens. If you choose to use a spray or bait, follow the package instructions and use carefully.

5 Regular cleaning:

Keep the house clean and free of crumbs and food debris. Ants are attracted to food and leave a pheromone trail so that other ants can follow them. Cleaning frequently can help break this trail and keep ants away.

6 Continuous process:

Eliminating ants is an ongoing process, especially in areas prone to ant infestations. Maintain good hygiene and regularly check for signs of infestation to help prevent future problems.

Tips to Prevent and Control Ants

How to prevent Ants ?

Prevention is simpler and less expensive:

✅ Eliminates sources of standing water;

✅ Keeps the kitchen clean of food leftovers and packaging well sealed;

✅ Cleans bottles and jars with sweet substances, such as syrups and soft drinks;

✅ Store pet food in a dry place, with the packaging closed;

✅ Take care of your garden, keeping the bushes trimmed and the grass not too tall;

✅ Closes the trash well.


These tips are useful for your garden, small pots of plants and herbs and for kitchen areas with food on display. Find out more tips on how deal with the ant plague here.