Sprayers and Insecticides

Sprayers are useful and effective tools for exterminating pests, indoors and outdoors. They are used to apply insecticides and other chemicals evenly, quickly and efficiently.


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Kit Spray 8L + Draker InsecticideKit Spray 8L + Draker Insecticide
Pulverizador 12L e 2 inseticidas drakerPulverizador VITO com capacidade de 12L
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pulverizador a bateria de 12L e inseticidas draker Pulverizador 16L a bateria litio
inseticida draker 10.2inseticida draker 50ml anti-insetos
Pulverizador VITO Doméstico - 1 Litroborrifador de mão em plantas
Domestic Sprayer - 1 Liter
Sale price€3,99
pulverizador VITO 1,5L
pulverizador 5 litros
Pulverizador VITO com capacidade 8 litros
pulverizador VITO com capacidade 12 litros
Pulverizador a bateria com capacidade de 16Lpulverizador VITO com bateria litio
Draker insecticide for different pestsinseticida draker contra insetos
pulverizadores para o seu jardim
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When should we apply Sprayers ?

Safe and effective application

Sprayers are able to cover large areas in a short time and with a smaller amount of chemical, which makes the process safer and more effective. Use in areas with high pest infestation: plantations, warehouses, hospitals, schools, restaurants, etc.

Different types of sprayers:

✔️ Handheld sprayers: The most common are handheld sprayers, which are used for smaller, hard-to-reach areas, such as gardens and house interiors.

✔️ Backpack sprayers: These are used for larger, open areas, such as plantations and fields.