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Adhesive Band against Pine Caterpillar and Ants

Adhesive Band against Pine Caterpillar and Ants

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Physical barrier against the pine processionary caterpillar.

The caterpillars and ants are stuck together and prevented from climbing or descending , thus preventing damage to the plant and fruits.

It prevents the pine caterpillar (processionary) from descending and causing public health problems – due to the stinging action of the hairs, which cause allergies in humans and domestic animals.

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How to apply Adhesive Band against Pine Caterpillar and Ants ⁉️

Where to Apply?

Apply directly to tree or pine trunks.

Adhesive tape forFruit treesare aphysical barrierwhich acts as a protector on fruit and ornamental trees,preventing crawling insects(ants, earthworms) go up or down. Special adhesive glue andnon-toxic.

How to apply?

Physical barrierto apply around thepine perimeterorother trees. Adhesive Tape for Fruit Treesmust be placed at adistance of 60-80 cm from the ground. In case ofsevere infestationput asecond tape 10 cm aboveof the first.


✅ No chemicals

✅ Eliminates and controls the pest of the pine processionary caterpillar

✅ Climbing insects (pine caterpillars, ants, and other insects) are glued together and prevented from climbing up or down, thus avoiding damage to the plant and fruits.

Technical description

Composition:Adhesive Band

Length:3 meters

Width:14 centimeters

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