Best products to eliminate Wasps

We recommend these attractive traps and baits to get rid of wasps.

Wasp infestations can be dangerous and bothersome, especially when colonies are built in areas close to human residences.


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pack 3 armadilhas vespas com 3 iscos atrativos 3 armadilhas para eliminar vespas
kit anti vespas no exteriorarmadilha anti-vespas
Beehive wasp trap
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isco atrativo anti-vespasComo aplicar o isco na armadilha vespas
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Rede mosquiteira porta Rede mosquiteira com iman
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Kit Completo de Prevenção contra Insetosescova branca contra insetos
colmeia de vespas no jardim
Signs of Infestation of Wasps

How to identify Wasps ?

Hornets' nest:

✅ Trees and shrubs

✅ Under the roofs

✅ Holes in walls

✅ Former rodent holes

✅ Or even on objects like plant pots

Anti- Wasps

How to eliminate Wasps ?

1 Identify the nest:

Before trying to eliminate wasps, it is essential to locate the nest. Observe the wasps' flight patterns to determine the general area of ​​the nest.

2 Act overnight:

Wasps are less active at night, so it is best to carry out nest removal action after dusk or before dawn.

3 Use traps with an anti-wasp attractant

Hangs specific traps with bait in trees to attract wasps and contaminate them with the poison, ending up killing them.

4 Use a specific insecticide:

Buy one spray insecticide to eliminate wasps. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and direct the spray at the nest at night, when the wasps are less active.

5 Do not block the entrance to the nest:

If you use an insecticide spray, avoid blocking the entrance to the nest at first, so that the poisoned wasps can escape and spread the poison among others.

6 Safe distance:

When applying the insecticide or trying to remove the nest, keep a safe distance to avoid being stung by the wasps. Wear clothing that completely covers your body, such as long pants, long-sleeved shirts and thick gloves.

7 Be careful with food and drinks:

If you're outdoors during the summer, keep an eye out for sugary foods and drinks as they can attract wasps.