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There are specialized products that can help you get rid of a wasp infestation and prevent future infestations, as wasps build a new nest every year. Discover our selection of products and special discount through our kit.
ninho de vespas no ramo da árvore

How to identify a wasp nest?

Wasps build their nests in dark, sheltered places:

✅ Trees and shrubs

✅ Under the roofs

✅ Wall holes

✅ Old rodent holes

✅ Or even on objects like potted plants

  • It is important to take immediate action to deal with a wasp infestation, as these insects can cause property damage and serious injury, especially if someone is allergic to their stings. To avoid wasp infestations, it is important to :

  • ✅ Keep windows and doors closed

    Before attempting to eliminate wasps, it is essential to locate the nest. Observe wasp flight patterns to determine general nest area.

  • ✅ Keep the area around your home clean and free of food or rubbish

    Wasps are less active at night, so it's best to do nest removal after dusk or before dawn.

  • ✅ Seal any holes or openings that could be used as an entrance to a nest

    He hangs specific traps with bait on the trees to attract the wasps and contaminate them with the venom, eventually killing them.

  • ✅ Use specific insecticides to fight wasps

    Purchase an insecticide spray to eliminate wasps. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and direct the spray towards the nest at night when the wasps are less active.

  • ✅ Do not block the entrance to the nest:

    If you use a spray insecticide, avoid blocking the entrance to the nest in the first place, so that the poisoned wasps can get out and spread the poison among the others.

  • ✅ Safe distance:

    When applying insecticide or trying to remove the nest, keep a safe distance to avoid being stung by wasps. Wear clothing that completely covers the body, such as long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and thick gloves.

  • ✅ Watch out for food and drinks:

    If you're outdoors during the summer, watch out for sugary foods and drinks, as they can attract wasps.

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