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We already know that most moths prefer dark and humid environments, but there are some ways to avoid the infestation of these little animals through the most suitable products for each type of moth.

Resultado das traças na roupa

Signs of Moth Infestation in the Home

✅ Small holes in objects such as books, wallpaper and office supplies

Clothes with small holes

Webs and silk cocoons in the corners of walls and closets

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  • As traças podem ser uma praga desagradável de se lidar em casa. Aqui estão algumas dicas sobre como eliminar traças:

  • ✔️ Wash new clothes before putting them away

    Store merchandise is always stored in dark warehouses, which are conducive to the spread of moths. When you buy a piece of clothing, don't forget to wash it to make sure it doesn't have moth eggs.

  • ✔️ Don't store clothes without washing them

    The humidity of our sweat and the air itself is attractive to moths, so try to wash the clothes you wear before putting them away.

  • ✔️ Keeps books and magazines away from the wall

    When you create space between the books and the wall, you are creating better ventilation conditions and minimizing the humidity in the environment.

  • ✔️ Makes use of natural light

    Place your shelves near the window, so that the natural light chases the moths away for you.

  • ✔️ Clear space frequently and pay attention to strategic hiding places

    Whenever you clean your space, make sure you clean unlikely places: under appliances, behind cupboards, inside furniture, etc.

  • ✅ Inseticidas

    Se as medidas anteriores não forem eficazes, considera o uso de inseticidas em spray. Certifica-te de seguir as instruções do fabricante e tome cuidado ao utilizá-los, especialmente nas áreas onde os alimentos são armazenados.

  • ✔️ Uses the vacuum cleaner

    Vacuums places like baseboards, cracks in the floor and corners of furniture, sometimes neglected with the cloth.

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