How to eliminate moths at home

The best products to eliminate moths from clothes and the pantry.

Moths are known to damage clothing, books and food packaging.


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Signs of Infestation of Moths

How to identify Moths ?

Inside the house:

✅ Small holes in objects such as books, wallpaper and office supplies;

✅ Clothes with small holes;

✅ Silk webs and cocoons in the corners of walls and closets.

Find out more about the different species of moths and what to do in case of moth infestation.

Anti- Moths

How to eliminate Moths ?

1 Identify affected areas

Look for signs of moth activity, such as holes in clothes, yellowing stains or webs in the corners of closets.

2 Rigorous cleaning

Moths are attracted to organic waste, so keep the house clean and free of food crumbs. Regularly clean closets, shelves and other places where moths can hide.

3 Proper storage

Store clothing and other vulnerable items in sealed containers or vacuum bags to prevent moths from gaining access to them.

4 Natural repellents

Certain scents can repel moths. Use scents of lavender, cedar, cloves or dried orange peels in cabinets and drawers to help ward them off.

5 Sticky traps

Put sticky traps specific for moths in infested areas to capture them.

6 Nets on windows and doors

Use mosquito nets on doors and windows to prevent these insects from entering your home.

7 Insecticides

If the previous measures are not effective, consider the use of insecticides. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and take care when using them, especially in areas where food is stored.

8 Use the vacuum cleaner

Vacuum places such as skirting boards, cracks in the floor and corners of furniture, sometimes neglected with the cloth.