Substrates | Importance of Substrates in Plant Growth

Substrates are essential for healthy plant growth. Adequate nutrition: choose the ideal substrate for your garden or plantation.


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Vantagens Substrates | Importance of Substrates in Plant Growth

Proper nutrition

Substrates rich in nutrients provide plants with the essential elements for their development, stimulating vigorous growth.

Aeration and Drainage

The porous structure of the substrates allows air passage and adequate drainage, preventing roots from drowning and promoting a healthy environment for growth.

Water retention

Quality substrates help retain the right amount of water, ensuring plants have consistent access to the moisture essential for their flourishing.

Stability and Support

A well-chosen substrate offers stability to plants, allowing roots to develop deeply and become firmly attached, aiding healthy growth.

Substrate Composition

When choosing the substrate, consider the specific needs of your plants. Factors such as drainage, pH, nutrient composition and soil structure are key to ensuring an environment conducive to healthy growth.