Collection: Goldfish | How to get rid of the silver bug

It is possible to carry out a disinfestation of the silverfish without hiring a disinfestation company. Just buy the indicated products and spray the insects you find and their hiding places.
peixinho da prata encontrado em casa

How to discover a silverworm infestation? 🔎

The reproduction capacity of the silverfish is extraordinary. The female silverfish lays between 1 to 3 eggs per day, making this one of the most invasive pests in the world.

The main signs of silverworm infestation are yellow spots they leave wherever they go, especially book pages, frames and walls.

How to eliminate the silverfish ⁉️

Silverworms can live for several months without food, so it is even more urgent to carry out a disinfestation when one of these insects is discovered.

  • 1st step

    Start by doing a general cleaning, including:

    ✔️ Floor, counters and cabinets

    ✔️ Bookcases, shelves and door and window frames

    ✔️ Vacuum behind furniture and appliances

  • 2nd step

    Place a dehumidifier in the most humid areas of the house. However, the speed of reproduction of this insect means that, even taking these measures, it is not always possible to control the pest through good cleaning.

  • 3rd step

    The final step is to apply the disinfestation product or the traps in the places where you found the silverfish. We teach and explain everything!

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