Woodworm | Woodworm and Termite Treatment

To prevent and eliminate significant damage to wood, we recommend this treatment gel.

The woodworm is capable of drilling and degrading the wood structure.


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madeira danificada por térmitas
Signs of Infestation of Woodworm

How to identify Woodworm ?

✔️ Attacks damp and damaged wood

These insects are known for their ability to hide in dark and inaccessible places, which makes identification and control difficult. They generally attack damp and damaged wood, but they can also feed on dry, healthy wood.

✔️ Causes serious damage to the wood structure

The damage caused by woodworms can be serious and, in extreme cases, can even compromise the integrity of entire buildings. Furthermore, their attack can be difficult to detect, as the holes they cause in the wood are small and can be hidden by layers of paint or varnish.

Anti- Woodworm

How to eliminate Woodworm ?

1 Thorough inspection

Perform a detailed inspection to locate affected areas. Pay attention to exit holes, sawdust and any cracks in the wood.

2 Removal of Infested Wood:

Eliminate the affected parts of the wood, completely removing the infested areas. This may include repairs or even replacement of compromised parts.

3 Use of Specific Insecticides:

To apply specific spray insecticidesor in gel to eliminate woodworm. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and apply the product evenly to the affected areas.

4 Preventative Wood Treatments:

Apply preventive treatments to avoid future infestations. This may include varnishes, sealers or repellent chemicals, depending on the severity of the problem.

5 Control humidity:

Reduce humidity in affected areas, as woodworm is attracted to damp wood. Use dehumidifiers to keep the environment dry.

6 Professional Consultation:

In more serious cases, consider consulting a professional specialized in pest control. A Truly Nolen offers personalized solutions and ensure complete eradication of the problem.

Tips to Prevent and Control Woodworm

How to prevent Woodworm ?

How to prevent the attack of the Madeira Bug?

It is important to keep the wood dry and well ventilated, avoiding moisture accumulation and protecting it from direct exposure to the sun. We talk Here are some tips on how to avoid woodworm damage and what to do in case of termite infestation.