Collection: Woodworm | Preventive treatment against woodworm and termites

Para prevenir e combater danos significativos na madeira, recomendamos este gel de tratamento ⬇️

O bicho da madeira é capaz de perfurar e degradar a estrutura da madeira. 

  • ✔️ Attack damp and damaged wood

    These insects are known for their ability to hide in dark and inaccessible places, which makes them difficult to identify and control. They generally attack damp and damaged wood, but they can also feed on dry, healthy wood.

  • ✔️ Cause serious damage to the structure of the wood

    The damage caused by the woodworm can be serious and, in extreme cases, can even compromise the integrity of entire buildings. In addition, their attack can be difficult to detect, as the holes they cause in the wood are small and can be hidden by layers of paint or varnish.

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madeira degradada pelo bicho da madeira

How to prevent the Woodworm attack?

It is important to keep the wood dry and well ventilated , avoiding moisture accumulation and protecting it from direct exposure to the sun.

We talk here about some tips on how to avoid woodworm damage and what to do in case of termite infestation .