After-Sales Support

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After-Sales Support

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Customers speak for us

Luis Correia

Excellent professionals

Enlightening and very objective given the different possibilities and solutions, products of great quality and safety.
Satisfaction after telephone and in-person contact at the Inseto store, professionalism when choosing, without interest in just obtaining sales but rather satisfaction and resolution of problems raised by the customer, excellent.

Casa Asca

I fully recommend

I had a problem with bed bugs. It was explained to me what to buy.
After receiving the products. I asked for help over the phone on which method to use.
I bought the bed bug kit. And I've been bed bug free for over a month 🙏🏻

John Silva

Excellent telephone service

Telephone service as a technician who explained the products I should use, I picked up the products from the warehouse where once again the service was excellent and they clarified all my doubts.

Claudia Lopes

Impeccable advice

The treatment suggested to me worked. The advice in store or on the phone is impeccable.

Maria João Dias

Professional service

The service was very professional, very polished and very friendly and empathetic towards our problems. The products are very good.

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