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Adhesive tape system to capture flies

Adhesive tape system to capture flies

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Adhesive tape system to capture flies and other flying insects, quickly and very effectively. S in insecticides, does not emit odors and does not use Chemicals. Ideal for keeping flies away in summer.

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How to apply Adhesive tape system to capture flies ⁉️

Where to Apply?

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use in the following locations: ✔️ Gardens and backyards ✔️ Small farms ✔️ Terraces ✔️ Orchards ✔️ Greenhouses ✔️ Nurseries

How to apply?

Hanging them next to an attractant will have the best effect. Such as rubbish bins, barbecues, fruit and vegetable storage places.

In case of contact with sticky material, wash your hands with soap and water. Still in doubt? We'll help you! 📞 800 20 20 50


✅ Insecticide-free

✅ No odour emission

✅ Does not use chemicals

✅ Non-toxic and safe for use with children and pets

Technical description

✔️ Made of waterproof and super adhesive panel

✔️ The colour of the fly trap is the colour that pests like, which attracts pests very well

✔️ It is made of safe and environmentally friendly PVC material

✔️ No pungent odor

✔️ It adopts physical methods of pest control

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