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Kit to eliminate ants outdoors

Kit to eliminate ants outdoors

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Our kit to eliminate ant infestations outdoors . Composed by:
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How to apply Kit to eliminate ants outdoors ⁉️

Where to Apply?

Apply theconcentrated draker insecticidesin places such as land, around houses and mosaic floors;

Granulated insecticideto place in your vegetable garden, flowerbeds or gardens;

Scotch tapefor your fruit trees or flowers.

How to apply?

1️⃣ Dilute the product with water

2️⃣ Direct application with a sprayer in the mentioned areas or places where insects pass through.

Spread evenly on flowerbeds, planting sites or lawns.

Physical barrierto apply aroundtrees.

Adhesive Tape for Fruit Treesmust be placed at adistance of 60-80 cm from the ground.


✅ Eliminates insects present at the time of treatment and prevents the appearance of subsequent infestations for 2-3 weeks

✅ Effective against crawling insects: ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas and spiders

✅ Highly attractive based on micro-encapsulated cypermethrin.

✅ Chain action by ingestion

✅Climbing insects (pine caterpillars, ants, and other insects) are glued together and prevented from climbing up or down, thus avoiding damage to the plant and fruits.

Technical description

Composition: 10% Cypermethrin, 2% Tetramethrin, 10% Piperonyl Butoxide

Packaging: 50ml

Composition:0.6 g Cypermethrin. MIRMEX D MICROGRANULES.

Packaging: 250ml

Composition:Adhesive Band

Length:3 meters

Width:14 centimeters

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