Pest control and disinfestation

What are pests?

When we think of pests, we often think of cockroaches and flies. But what truly constitutes a pest?

The official concept defines as a pest any species that infests the countryside or the city, causing damage to human health. 😷

Among rats, ants and pigeons, the margin of what constitutes a pest is very wide, but the common element is simple: pests are invasive organisms, harmful to the biodiversity of agricultural production and to Man. As a rule, the overpopulation of a given species results from factors such as the lack of predators and the abundance of resources in its habitat, which are very common in the origin of urban pests.

What is pest control?

Pest control, often known as disinfestation, is a set of actions that prevent the spread of urban pests. These actions can be preventive — they prevent the proliferation of pests — or corrective — they remove or eliminate pests .

The most popular types of disinfestation are disinfestation (cockroach disinfestation), rats (rats) and flea disinfestation, but there are several ways to control each pest.

A quick Google search is enough to find dozens of disinfestation companies that, in just a few days, manage to eliminate the problem. But it is not always necessary to resort to such expensive procedures.