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KB Universal Substrate 10LT

KB Universal Substrate 10LT

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Ready-to-use outdoor organic fertilizer - 10LT. Improves plant nutrition and makes them more durable.

Compost based on peat, with clay that improves the water and nutrient retention capacity of the plants. Corrected pH value adapted to most plants.

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How to apply KB Universal Substrate 10LT ⁉️

Where to Apply?

Use in pots or in open soil.

How to apply?

Application: Ready for outdoor use.


✅ Universal substrate for vigorous plants.

✅ Improves plant nutrition and makes them more durable.

✅ Stimulating fertiliser and organic matter.

Technical description

Peat-based compost, with clay that improves water and nutrient retention capacity for plants. Corrected pH value and adapted to most plants.

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