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Complete kit to eliminate ants at home

Complete kit to eliminate ants at home

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Complete kit to combat ant colonies indoors. Includes 1 syringe with insecticide gel bait (10g) and 2 packs of 3 ecogel ant traps.

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How to apply the Complete kit to eliminate ants at home ⁉️

Where to Apply?

We advise only using this product for inside the house. 🏠

✔️ In areas where ants are observed: next to ant trails and at the exit and inside nests

✔️ Bathroom (under the sink), kitchen (near the pantry), garages, attics, walls, cracks, grooves, window ledges or on ventilation grills For better results 👇 In case of light infestation: place 2 traps per site. In case of serious infestation: Use 4 traps per siteReplace the trap when it has been consumed. In outdoor areas such as gardens, terraces, balconies or patios, we recommend the use of Draker insecticide.

How to apply?

Syringe: 1️⃣ Remove cap by pressing at a 90º angle

2️⃣ Apply drops or lines near the ant colonies, at the exit of the nest and in places where ants are observed

3️⃣ Replace the cap for future applications (once opened, the tube must be used within 6 months) Trap: 1️⃣ Open the trap: Separate with fingers, tearing at the pre-cut line

2️⃣ Activate the trap: Press the capsule down completely until the gel has been deposited in the central compartment


✅ Ecogel has the ability to eliminate the entire colony and reach the centre of the ants' nest with precision

✅ 4 months of effectiveness

✅ The "syringe" system allows access to any area accurately

✅ Most practical, clean and effective ecological trap to eliminate all types of ants

✅ Special design prevents people and pets from having direct contact with the trap and the insecticidal gel

✅ New generation ecological product, which respects the environment without environmental pollution

Technical description

✔️ Contains a strong fresh bait in the form of an insecticidal gel that has the ability to eliminate the entire colony by distributing food to the worker ants, and reach the centre of the ants' nest

✔️ Eliminates the entire ant infestation

✔️ Products for home use with a professional formula

✔️ Contains fresh bait, much more appetising and attractive than conventional dry bait traps

✔️ Composed of Bitrex, a bitter substance that makes it unappetising for people and pets

❌ Avoid applying in areas in direct sunlight so as not to dry out the gel.

Explanatory Video: How to apply the product

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