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Anti-mosquito electric machine recharge

Anti-mosquito electric machine recharge

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Additional recharge for the electric machine against mosquitoes - MOSQUITO TRAP AMT 200 - in outdoor areas. Eliminates mosquitoes up to about 1500m2.

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How to apply Anti-mosquito electric machine recharge ⁉️

Where to Apply?

✔️ Usage: Outdoor areas such as gardens, balconies or terraces.

✔️ Ideal height: 1.2 to 1.5 m

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How to apply?

1️⃣ Place the equipment in a large outdoor area

2️⃣ Connect the equipment to the electrical outlet

3️⃣ Always leave the equipment plugged in, even during the night

4️⃣ Inspect the inside of the equipment from time to time

5️⃣ Empty the equipment of insects if necessary

❌ Do not put inside the house


✅ New model more attractive and with more power due to 5 ways of attracting mosquitoes: 1) Human Breath simulator; 2) Human Perspiration simulator; 3) Food simulator; 4) Temperature - heat; 5) Light - Ultraviolet.

✅ Attracts mosquitoes by imitating the human's natural stimulants

✅ The most efficient and ecological system to eliminate mosquitoes

✅ Robust and safe machine, with coverage up to 1000m2

✅ Environmentally friendly, no pollutants

✅ IPX4 protection, water resistant

Technical description

✔️ Includes 2 refills of "Bio Tech" attractants (estimated duration for 30-45 days each)

✔️ Proven effectiveness with "Bio-Tech" attractants: 1) Emits lactic acid, octenol, carbon dioxide; 2) Environmentally friendly; 3) Harmless to humans.

✔️ Removable and washable mosquito trap container, with environmentally friendly disposal by dehydration

✔️ Electrical connection and silent 55 dB

✔️ Carrying handle and suspension

✔️ Splash resistant (IPX4)

✔️ Provides 360° ultraviolet light in combination with the attractive

✔️ Dimensions: 24x34cm

✔️ Weight: 1,3KG

✔️ Electrical equipment 230V 25W

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