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Flea Monitoring Trap

Flea Monitoring Trap

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Flea monitoring traps are devices designed to attract and capture fleas. It consists of an adhesive surface where fleas become trapped when they try to reach the source of heat or light, which attracts them to the trap. The trap helps determine the severity of the infestation and advises on the most appropriate treatment to eliminate fleas.

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How to apply Flea Monitoring Trap ⁉️

Where to Apply?

Flea monitoring traps are used to help determine the presence and severity of a flea infestation. To place the trap effectively, follow these steps:

  • Choose the right areas;
  • Use several traps;
  • Check regularly;
  • Replace trap screens.

Remember, flea monitoring traps are a useful tool for identifying the presence of fleas, but they are not a complete solution for eliminating fleas. We recommend proper house cleaning, pet care and the use of tested pest control products.

How to apply?

Assemble the Flea Trap, according to the instructions that come with the product:

Remove the screw ring3lamp holder socket1,set the traptwoover the bushing thread, and screw the ring back on3.

Screw in the bulb5.

Fit the three posts4at the base6and secure the lampshade with the bulb and socket in place.

After assembly, remove the backing paper from the self-adhesive disc7and insert it into the base6with the sticky side facing up.

Place the flea trap on the floor or carpet, close to where your pet spends most of its time, and turn it on so that the lights are on.


✅ This trap attracts fleas and traps them, allowing early detection of any infestation, thus allowing action to be taken before the problem becomes difficult to resolve, which is very common in flea infestations.

Technical description

✔️ Trap dimensions:19x9cm

✔️ Table dimensions:18cm

✔️ Contains an adhesive plate and the necessary accessories for the trap to function.

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