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Trap to eliminate fruit flies

Trap to eliminate fruit flies

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The trap captures the fruit flies and prevents the flies from reproducing. The apple shape of the trap is ideal for decorating kitchens or pantries. It lasts for 30 days .

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How to apply Trap to eliminate fruit flies ⁉️

Where to Apply?

Tips before using the trap:

✔️ Clean the place and containers where the fruit mosquitoes are located

✔️ Keep very ripe fruit in the refrigerator or in a closed container. Apply: Kitchen, pantry or other indoor areas.

How to apply?

1️⃣ Fill the container with the liquid provided

2️⃣ Place the trap near the place where the pest has been detected, for example in the kitchen or pantry. Are you still in doubt? We'll help you! 📞 800 20 20 50


✅ Effective against fruit flies

✅ Apple-shaped trap is ideal for decoration in kitchens or pantries

✅ Lasts up to 30 days

Technical description

✔️ Trap designed to attract fruit mosquitoes using a food-based liquid attractant bait

✔️ The mosquitoes that enter the trap cannot escape to continue breeding

✔️ Pack consisting of 1 unit of trap and 1 bottle of liquid attractant

✔️ Content of the trap 15ml

✔️ Duration 30 days

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