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Concentrated Insecticide | Plant Protection and Pest Control

Concentrated Insecticide | Plant Protection and Pest Control

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Concentrated multipurpose insecticide with systemic action. It protects plants for several weeks, acting through contact and ingestion and prevents reinfestations of numerous insects.

Target Pests: Thrips, Beetles, Bugs, Aphids, Aphids, Plant Lice, Whitefly and Cotton Mealybugs.

Suitable for ornamental plants and shrubs (rose bushes, geraniums, horse chestnut, etc.) and in various horticultural crops and fruit trees.

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Como aplicar Concentrated Insecticide | Plant Protection and Pest Control ⁉️

Where to Apply?

Apply to indoor plants, rose bushes, fruit trees / vegetable crops (apple, pear, lettuce, tomato, etc).Action by contact and ingestion.

How to apply?

Application by foliar spraying, after dilution in water.

  • Dose: 10 mL / L
  • 1L = 10m2

Period of use: March to October.


Eliminates a wide variety of insects (aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs and thrips).

✅ Systemic action - circulates in the sap of the plant protecting it for several weeks, preventing re-infestations.

Eliminates aphids in 24h.

Technical description

Contents: 100ml.

Pre-harvest interval: consult packaging label.

Acetamiprid-based insecticide.

Composition: 5 g/L acetamiprid.

Video explicativo - Como aplicar o Inseticida

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