Trap with gel bait against ants

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The most practical, effective and clean innovative ecogel system to eliminate all types of ants. The product prevents people and pets from having direct contact with the insecticide.

It is the safest system for children and pets. 👤🐾

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armadilhas inseticida contra formigas

Trap with gel bait against ants

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Armadilha inseticida ecogel anti-formigas


Pest Control with Ant Trap

The most common pest is the ant, which can quickly become a source of nuisance and discomfort. An effective approach to ant control is the use of specific traps designed to attract and eliminate these small invaders.

Ecogel Traps: Innovative Solution

Ecogel traps are an innovative solution for ant control. They are composed of an attractive and appetizing formula, designed to attract ants and be consumed by them. The action of the gel allows worker ants to transport the product to the nest, where it acts internally, eliminating the queen ant and, consequently, the entire colony. This targeted nest control method is highly effective in stopping ant infestations.

Ant Trap Efficiency

Ecogel traps offer long-lasting effectiveness, lasting up to 4 months. Its professional formulation guarantees superior results, even in domestic environments. Additionally, the fresh, attractive bait used in Ecogel traps makes them much more effective than conventional dry bait traps.