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Fly trap - Outdoor use

Fly trap - Outdoor use

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Discreet trap with non-toxic attractant, easy to use and very effective.
Add 500ml of water, shake the trap to activate the product and place it outside (in an area exposed to sunlight). Shelf life 12 weeks.

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How to apply the Fly trap - Outdoor use ⁉️

Where to Apply?

Trap for outdoor use: gardens, terraces, etc. Attention: The trap contains an attractant for flies. It is advisable to place it in a place, where there is no movement of people and pets.

How to apply?

1️⃣ Open the trap

2️⃣ Add 500ml of water, which corresponds to the limit mark

3️⃣ Shake the trap to activate the product

4️⃣ Hang the trap in areas of sunlight, close to where you do not wish to have flies. Do you still have doubts? We will help you! 📞800 20 20 50


✅ Non-toxic attractant

✅ Very effective for outdoor areas

✅ Easy to use

Technical description

✔️ Trap contains non-toxic attractant

✔️ Lifetime 12 weeks

Explanatory Video: How to apply the product

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