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KB Universal Fertilizer 800gr

KB Universal Fertilizer 800gr

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Universal organo-mineral fertilizer.

For base fertilization and maintenance of all crops (vegetables, fruit and ornamentals) in the garden. Effective and prolonged action. In a self-closing bag for optimal fertilizer conservation.

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How to apply KB Universal Fertilizer 800gr ⁉️

Where to Apply?

Applies to all types of plants:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruit crops
  • Ornamentals

Up to approximately 40m2.

How to apply?

Period of use: February to September.


  • Ornamental crops:

At planting: 20 - 60 g / m2

During cultivation: 30 - 50 g / m2

  • Vegetable crops:

At planting: 30 - 80 g / m2

During cultivation: 30 - 80 g / m2

  • Fruit crops :

At planting: 40 g / m2

During cultivation: 30 - 50 g / m2.


✅ Background and/or maintenance application

✅ Suitable for all types of plants (vegetables, fruit and ornamentals)

✅ Suitable for strawberry plants

✅ Feeds the plant for up to 6 weeks

✅ More beautiful and vigorous plants.

Technical description

Organo-mineral fertiliser NPK granules - 800g. Contains seabird guano, makes nutrients immediately available to develop leaves and roots. Composition: NPK fertiliser (Mg) 10-3-7 (3); 10% nitrogen (N); 3% phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5); 7% potassium oxide (K2O)3% magnesium oxide (MgO).

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