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Kit to eliminate flies in the garden

Kit to eliminate flies in the garden

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Our kit to eliminate fly infestations in the Garden . Composed by:

    Treatment: 1st spray the infested outdoor area with insecticide. Then, create a protective barrier every 10m with the traps around your garden/terrace.

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    How to apply Kit to eliminate flies in the garden ⁉️

    Where to Apply?


    Place outside, especially in areas with sun exposure

    Trap for theexterior use: Gardens, terraces, terraces,etc.

    Attention: The trap contains an attractant for flies. It is recommended to place it in a place where there is no movement of people and pets.

    How to apply?

    Draker insecticide concentrate 50ml

    1️⃣ Dilute the product with water - ✔️Flies:20-30 ml per liter of solution

    2️⃣ Direct application with a sprayer in the mentioned areas or places where insects pass through

    Fly Traps

    1️⃣ Open the trap

    2️⃣ Add 500ml of water, which corresponds to the limit mark

    3️⃣ Shake the trap to activate the product

    4️⃣ Hang the trap in areas exposed to the sun, close to the place where you do not want flies


    Draker insecticide concentrate 50ml

    ✅ Eliminates insects present at the time of treatment and prevents the appearance of subsequent infestations for 2-3 weeks

    Fly Traps

    ✅ Non-toxic attractant

    ✅ Very effective for outdoor areas

    ✅ Easy to use

    Technical description

    Draker insecticide concentrate 50ml

    ✔️ Draker Insecticide 10.2 Concentrate 50ml.

    ✔️ Microencapsulated liquid insecticide. Draker's microcapsules become active only after they have been sprayed into the environment.

    ✔️Residual effect: Once distributed and the water has evaporated, the active ingredient is slowly released.

    ✔️ Creates the following effects of microcapsules: 1) Protective against degradation of active ingredients; 2) Regulator of the release of the active ingredient.

    ✔️ Water-based formation: 1) No aliphatic, aromatic or chlorinated solvents; and 2) Microencapsulated membrane without petroleum derivatives.

    ✔️ Validity: 3 years

    Composition: 10% Cypermethrin, 2% Tetramethrin, 10% Piperonyl Butoxide

    Packaging: 50ml

    Fly Traps

    ✔️ Trap contains a non-toxic attractant

    ✔️ Shelf life 12 weeks

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