Kit to eliminate Fleas in the Interior

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Our kit to eliminate indoor flea infestations . Composed by:

  • 1 Diptron Insecticide Shock Treatment Concentrate
  • 1 extra strong Diptron aerosol insecticide
  • Flea monitoring trap
  • 1.5L sprayer allows you to apply the insecticide with greater effectiveness and range


1) Apply concentrated Diptron Insecticide to infested areas. Put 1/2 of the insecticide in 1.5L of water

2) Leave the Diptron Fogger insecticide current by fumigation

3) After 12 hours of safety period, air the room and vacuum

4) Repeat the treatment after 7 days

You should use the trap to identify the locations and degree of infestation.

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How to apply Kit to eliminate Fleas in the Interior ?

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