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Pack Anti House Rats with pets at home

Pack Anti House Rats with pets at home

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Kit includes 3 metal high security bait stations and 1 bait pack paste rodenticide . Ideal for combating house mice in homes with pets such as dogs or cats.

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How to apply Pack Anti House Rats with pets at home ⁉️

Where to Apply?

Place the mousetrap station on the floor or near the wall in areas where the rat has been seen or the droppings have been made. Attractant bait paste contains insecticide and should be placed inside the trap or in areas where rodent movement has been seen.

How to apply?

1️⃣ Put on the gloves

2️⃣ Open the lure station with the safety key

3️⃣ Put the attractant bait in paste in the two irons inside the assessment station

4️⃣ Close the lid of the trap

5️⃣ Lock the station with the security key Still have doubts? We'll help you! 📞800 20 20 50


✅ High-security measuring station, made of metal and very resistant

✅ Two protective layers of galvanised steel and an anti-corrosion coating ensure good protection

✅ Easy maintenance

✅ Safe distribution of rodenticides or non-toxic baits

Technical description

✔️ Metal station with double protective coating

✔️ Material: Metal unit (galvanised steel) with anti-corrosion coating

✔️ Finish: Rounded cover, unit without internal or external sharp edges

✔️ Partition inside in black plastic with two divisions for bait

✔️ Security Lock: Lock on the front of the station for secure access with padlock

✔️ Dimensions: 370 x 170 x 160 mm

✔️ Weight: 2,1kg

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