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Pantry Moth Pack

Pantry Moth Pack

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Anti moth cereal kit, includes 3 ecological monitoring traps to place in any pantry or cupboard.

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How to apply Pantry Moth Pack ⁉️

Where to Apply?

It is an eco-friendly monitoring trap that catches moths on the sticky surface, naturally without insecticides, through pheromones against pantry moths. Apply: ✔️ On doors, walls of food cupboards and pantries. ✔️ On flat surfaces, use in triangular form.

How to apply?

On doors, cupboard walls and food pantries:

1️⃣ Opens the bag and removes the trap

2️⃣ Remove the adhesive flap from the back of the trap

3️⃣ Stick trap on pantry/food cupboard door

4️⃣ Removes the protective sheet from the front of the trap. On flat surfaces, use a triangular shape:

1️⃣ Opens bag and removes the trap

2️⃣ Remove the foil from the front of the trap to activate the trap.

3️⃣ Shapes the frame following the folding marks and creating a figure that can be placed on any flat surface. Still in doubt? We'll help you! 📞 800 20 20 50


✅ Eco-friendly, clean and safe trap with 6 weeks of effectiveness

✅ Odourless

✅ Eco-friendly product with no environmental pollution

Technical description

✔️ Active formula does not contain any insecticide

✔️ Composed of pheromone substances, which attract moths

✔️ Includes a sticky surface

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