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Clothes Mothproof Pack

Clothes Mothproof Pack

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Kit to combat clothes moths , especially in clothes closets. Includes 3 ecological monitoring traps, made of cardboard with black stripes.

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How to apply the Clothes Mothproof Pack ⁉️

Where to Apply?

Recommended for places at risk of moths, especially in clothes wardrobes or other places near fabrics.

How to apply?

1️⃣ Open the bag and remove the trap

2️⃣ Remove the protective film

3️⃣ Take the attractant/feromone from the sachet and place in the centre of the trap interior

4️⃣ Put the trap in the wardrobe

5️⃣ Replacement should take place when the surface of the trap is filled with insects or at the end of the pheromone's useful life (8 or 12 weeks). Recommendations 👇 ✔️ Place one trap every 25m2. ✔️ Should be used all year round. ✔️ During an inspection of the trap, you can ascertain the quantity and variety of insects caught in the cola. If you find that the trap has a high number of insects, replace it immediately. ✔️ The old pheromone should be removed from the site and disposed of in the regular rubbish. Are you still in doubt? We will help you! 📞 800 20 20 50


✅ Useful for detecting, identifying and monitoring for moths

✅ Black stripe pattern enhances the attractiveness of this insect species

✅ Useful life 12 weeks

Technical description

✔️ Each trap has a coverage area of 25m².

✔️ Attractant/Feromone (also known as the Tineola bisselliella pheromone): with food attractant for the clothes moth; Useful life 8 to 12 weeks;

✔️ Cardboard: Type plastered folding semimatted multilayer; Printing with black stripes; Rigid cardboard; Weight > 325gr.

✔️ Glue: Synthetic resin to UV rays; Transparent; Good thermal stability; Care: ✔️ Handle with care, avoid prolonged hand contact and wear gloves when handling.

✔️ Do not eat or drink when handling this product.

Explanatory Video: How to apply the product

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