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Plastic Multiple Capture Trap Pack + 5 Glue Screens

Plastic Multiple Capture Trap Pack + 5 Glue Screens

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Our kit to control and eliminate rat and crawling insect infestations . Composed by:
Treatment: 1st Wear gloves; 2nd Detach and open the mousetrap entrances; 3rd Place the glue screens on the base of the mousetrap.
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How to apply Plastic Multiple Capture Trap Pack + 5 Glue Screens ⁉️

Where to Apply?

✔️Identify areas of activity:Look for signs of rat activity, such as droppings, tracks or gnawing marks.

✔️Along the walls:Rats generally move along walls, so it is recommended to place traps near walls and baseboards. Make sure the openings are facing the wall.

✔️Near holes and crevices:Place the traps near these areas.

✔️Kitchens and pantries:Rats are attracted to food, so place traps in food storage areas such as kitchens and pantries.

✔️Under furniture and appliances:Rats hide in dark, hidden places.

How to apply?

It is important to take precautions when handling rat traps, such as wearing gloves and washing your hands after handling. In addition, it regularly checks the traps and removes captured mice safely and hygienically using magnifying glasses.


✅ Designed to capture mainly rats and crawling incest

✅ Entry system that allows mice to be trapped inside

✅ Also allows other crawling insects to enter through the grooves in the sides near the base

Technical description

Bait station for mice and crawling insects. For greater effectiveness, use withPack of capture traps for house mice and other crawling insects. *Glue board sold separately.

Material:Plastic Dimensions:Length 20 cm; Width 12 cm; Height 4 cm

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