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Anti-pigeon and seagull net system

Anti-pigeon and seagull net system

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Nets highly resistant against UV rays, do not absorb water and have excellent electrical insulation properties.

The nets are virtually invisible (stone color) and are designed to last for many years if installed correctly.

Dimension: Cover an area of ​​100m2

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How to apply Anti-pigeon and seagull net system ⁉️

Where to Apply?

Roofs and Eaves:Roofs and eaves are common places where pigeons can cause problems, such as nesting and clogging gutters. Install pigeon netting along eaves and areas where pigeons roost.

Balconies and Terraces:Apply netting around the area to prevent them from passing through.

Outdoor Eating Areas:Install netting in areas where pigeons try to land or feed.

Ventilation Systems and Chimneys:Block access to ventilation systems and chimneys, as these are attractive areas for pigeon nests.

Windows and Openings:Place on structure where pigeons can use to access the interior of a building.

How to apply?

Preparation:Before starting, gather all the necessary tools and materials, which usually include pigeon netting, fasteners (such as nylon cable ties), pliers, and a ladder or scaffolding, depending on the installation height.

Measuring and Cutting:Measure the area where you want to install the net and cut the anti-pigeon net to the required size. Make sure the net completely covers the area you want to protect.

Fixation:Use suitable fasteners (such as nylon ties) to secure the net to anchorage points such as posts, railings, eaves or any surface where you want to prevent pigeons from accessing. Attaches the net securely, ensuring there are no gaps for pigeons to pass through.

Tensioning:Stretches the net tight so there are no loose or loose areas where pigeons can get tangled up.

Cut the Excess:After installation, cut off any excess netting for a clean and tidy look.


✅ Developed against UV rays.

✅ Highly resistant, they do not absorb water and are practically unaffected by extreme temperature changes.

✅ They are chemically inert and have excellent electrical insulation properties.

✅ Virtually invisible with stone color.

Technical description

✔️ Nets are made of polyethylene stabilized to UV rays.

✔️ Dimensions: 10x10m.

✔️ Size of squares: 5cm. Developed for Pigeons and Seagulls.

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