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Glue for pigeon spikes

Glue for pigeon spikes

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Silicone glue suitable for exteriors and UV resistant up to 10m in length. Recommended for using the pigeon spike system.

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How to apply the Glue for pigeon spikes ⁉️

Where to Apply?

✔️ Use this product to protect balconies, terraces, pipes, gutters, guttering, sills, walls, etc.

✔️ 1 unit of glue gives up to 10 meters of length

How to apply?

Recommended for medium or high level of infestation.

1️⃣ Remove the spikes from the packaging

2️⃣ Keep at hand a silicone glue suitable for outdoors and resistant to UV rays

3️⃣ Apply silicone to the base of the spikes

4️⃣ Clean the area where the spikes are to be used thoroughly

5️⃣ Place the spikes on the surface where you do not want the birds to roost. Are you still in doubt? We'll help you!

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✅ Excellent outdoor stability in all weather conditions

✅ Compliant with leading environmental associations

✅ Not cruel to birds

Technical description

Base: ✔️ Length: 50cm linear ✔️ Base width: 2cm ✔️ Material: Polycarbonate Lexan UV

Spikes: ✔️ Length: 11cm ✔️ Diameter: 1,3mm ✔️ Number of spikes: 80 per meter ✔️ Material: Stainless steel 302 AISE

Explanatory Video: How to apply the product

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