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House Rat Capture Traps Pack

House Rat Capture Traps Pack

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Pack includes 10 glue screen mouse traps. The traps are made of cardboard with glue attractant to detect and monitor the presence of rodents and small crawling insects.

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How to apply House Rat Capture Traps Pack ⁉️

Where to Apply?

Place the trap on the floor or near the wall, in areas where the mouse or droppings have been seen.

How to apply?

1️⃣ Remove the protective film

2️⃣ Close the trap

3️⃣ Place the trap close to the wall in places where rodents move

4️⃣ Put on gloves and replace when the surface of the glue is filled with insects, rodents or dirt to ensure the adhesive properties of the glue Still in doubt? We'll help you! 📞 800 20 20 50


✅ Ecological trap

✅ Multi-shaped trap

✅ Useful for detecting and monitoring the presence of rodents and crawling insects

✅ Adaptable to different seasons

Technical description

Precautions for safe handling: ✔️ Technical recommendations to prevent ergonomic and toxicological risks: Do not eat or drink while handling, washing hands afterwards with suitable cleaning products;

✔️ Precautions for safe handling: Keep containers closed and clean, as well as control spillages and residues, disposing them with safe methods;

✔️ Technical recommendations for fire and explosion prevention: Due to its flammability characteristics, the product does not present a fire hazard under normal conditions of storage, handling and use;

✔️ Technical recommendations for preventing environmental hazards: Sweep up and collect product and dispose of in a container for disposal;

✔️ Dimensions 215 x 100/120mm

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